How to Collect Reality Seeds Before They Land in Fortnite

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Fortnite week 9 has arrived in chapter 3 season 3 and with it comes another list of fun challenges. Completing each challenge earns players 15k XP, and gives them the chance to earn another 43k XP for completing them all. One of these challenges is to catch 3 Reality Seeds before they hit the ground- this may sound easy but we have some hints and tips you will find useful! Find out below how to collect Reality Seeds before they land in Fortnite.

Catching Reality Seeds Before They Hit the Ground

The Reality Seeds can be found in the big pink-purple Reality Seed Pods that grow along the roots of the Reality Tree. These roots are coming up out of the ground all over the Fortnite map.

The Reality Seed Pod in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

To get to the seeds inside you must break open the pod. This can be done either by using your harvesting tool on the pod itself, or by breaking down the root it is growing from. To make sure you are in the perfect position to collect a Reality Seed before it lands, we suggest standing below the pod and breaking the root down.

Breaking down the Reality Tree root (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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This way you are directly below the Reality Seeds as they disperse from the pod and float to the ground. All you need to do is position yourself under a seed as it floats down, and either jump and press the interact button to catch it, or wait until it reaches you.

A floating Reality Seed (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

As long as the seed is still glowing a purple-pink colour, it is still floating. Grab 3 Reality Seeds while they are still glowing and you will have completed the challenge. We found the best place to do this was the Reality Root near Tilted Tower as there are a couple of seed pods to use, and get the challenge done easily in one match.

That is all you need to know about collecting these seeds before they land! Why not find out what else you can do to complete quests and earn XP. Good luck.

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How to Collect Reality Seeds Before They Land in Fortnite


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