How to Emote While Gaining Shield in Fortnite

emote shield keg challenge

It is time to complete the week 9 Fortnite quests and we are here to help you achieve this quickly and easily. This week the challenges involve Reality Seeds, riding wildlife, and emoting while gaining shield. This last one seems strange as you cannot emote while drinking a potion so how can this be completed? Find out below how to emote while gaining shield in Fortnite.

Emoting While Gaining Shields in Fortnite

Completing this weekly challenge will earn you 15k XP and take you close to completing enough to earn another bonus of 43k XP! There is now way to gain shields and emote at the same time using shield potions (large or small) because your character needs both hands to drink the potion. Instead, you need to find a Shield Keg.

shield keg in use fortnite feature
Using a Shield Keg in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Shield Kegs are portable, one-use items that are usually found as floor loot or in chests or supply drops. Some NPCs, such as Cryptic at Rave Cave or Guaco at Greasy Grove, also carry them for you to purchase for 250 Gold Bars.

fortnite_NPC_chapter3_season guaco
Purchase a Shield Keg from an NPC (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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Once you have your keg you use it by throwing it at the ground – make sure you do it in a relatively safe space away from enemies! The Shield Keg also throws up a marker for your teammate to see.

Emote while gaining shields in Fortnite! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Once the Shield Keg is working, you can emote beside it while gaining shield! To complete this challenge, you do not need to be emoting for very long so it is fine to perform a quick emote. That way it is easier to get back to being able to defend yourself from an opponent.

That is the best way to complete this challenge and earn yourself an easy 15k XP! Next, check out other ways we recommend completing challenges and earning easy XP. Good luck.

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How to Emote While Gaining Shield in Fortnite


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