How to Destroy Large Sea Buoys in Fortnite

fortnite boat buoy feature

Summer time in Fortnite means ice cream consumables, beach ball games, and boat races! There is a whole beach party vibe near Sanctuary, with inflatable palm trees and giant beach balls to kick about, and even a full boat race course to try.

Dotted around this race course are big buoys with balloons floating above them. Players have been tasked with the job of destroying some of these to earn on of the final No Sweat Summer Goal rewards! Find out below how to destroy large sea buoys in Fortnite.

How to Find and Destroy Sea Buoys in Fortnite

The sea buoys in question are located around the boat race course off the beach near Sanctuary, south of The Daily Bugle. They can be recognised by the balloon floating above each one.

Players must jump in a boat, found in and around the race course, aim the boat’s weapon, and fire at the buoy. We found that the best and safest place to get a boat was to the west of the boat race area where it is slightly quieter. There you are less likely to run into an opponent before you get the chance to finish the task.

Find the sea buoys at the boat race! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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The trick is to fire twice at each large sea buoy, as destroying them means first popping the balloon. Once the balloon is popped, the sea buoy itself can be destroyed using the boat’s cannon.

Fire twice to destroy the buoy! (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The aim is to destroy 3 of these large sea buoys using the boat’s weapon. Once you have completed this No Sweat Summer Goal you will receive a rare music gift called No Sweatin’- only available by completing this No Sweat Goal! It is the perfect chill out vibe for your next Fortnite beach party.

That is all you need to know about destroying the large sea buoys and completing this No Sweat Goal! Next, why not find out how to kick a beach ball, or burst through doors in Fortnite? Good luck.

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How to Destroy Large Sea Buoys in Fortnite


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