How to make Jungle Boat in Minecraft

Minecraft Jungle Boat

A jungle boat is one of the effective ways of transportation in Minecraft. Players can use jungle boats to travel across the water. Moreover, one can equip any tool from the inventory while traveling in the boat.

However, players will need to craft the Jungle Boat before using it in Minecraft. Therefore, here’s an essential guide to making Jungle Boat in Minecraft.

How to craft a Jungle Boat in Minecraft?

Making a jungle boat is relatively easy. Players will require the following items before heading forward:

  • 5 Jungle Planks
  • 1 Wooden Shovel

Step 1: Make a crafting table

A crafting table is one of the essential items that you should always have in your Minecraft inventory. It’s also called a 3×3 grid of crafting space where you can create a number of items, including tools, weapons, armor, and more. Here’s a dedicated guide to making a crafting table in Minecraft.

Step 2: Add Planks to the crafting table

In the next step, open the crafting table and add five wooden planks exactly as shown in the image above.

Step 3: Add Shovel to the crafting table

Jungle Boat recipe for Minecraft

Finally, place the Shovel in the second box of the first row. *Refer to the image above

Step 4: Move the Jungle Boat to Inventory

The Jungle Boat is now ready, which needs to be moved to the Minecraft inventory. Therefore, make sure you move it to your inventory to start using it in the game.

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How to make Jungle Boat in Minecraft


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