How to get Blackstone in Minecraft

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With the arrival of nether update, the developers behind Minecraft introduced Blackstone in the game. For those who don’t know, Blackstone is a worthy replacement for the Cobblestone that can be used to craft stone tools, brewing stands, and furnaces. Additionally, players can also repair stone tools with the help of an anvil. This guide explicitly helps gamers finding Blackstone in Minecraft.

Where to find Blackstone in Minecraft?

Minecraft Blackstone appearance and location

Unlike other craftable items, the Blackstone can’t be produced using the crafting table. Instead, it only generates naturally in the Nether. Players can get Blackstone under the lava ocean, in Bastion remnants, in veins near the bottom of the world, and all over the place in basalt deltas biomes. We highly recommend drinking a potion of night vision to identify Blackstone in the area quickly.

How to get Blackstone in Minecraft?

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Once you locate the Blackstone, all you need is a pickaxe to mine it. You can use any of the following pickaxes to mine Blackstone:

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Golden Pickaxe
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Wooden Pickaxe
  • Netherite Pickaxe

Note: Don’t try to dig up the Blackstone with your hand or any other tool; otherwise it can’t be moved to the inventory. Once it’s completely shattered, the Blackstone will appear in the Hotbar.

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How to get Blackstone in Minecraft


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