How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

Any user familiar with such a concept as a multiplayer game in the genre of survival or sandbox knows that in such simulators, one of the main components of the gameplay is the creation of items. You can do a variety of things, but there are also special items that help to craft others. That is why we will talk about how to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft.

How to Make a Crafting Table in Survival Mode in Minecraft

Since this is one of the first created items in the game, the instructions will be detailed, starting with the getting of wood.

1. Find a Tree

Find any tree, get close to it so that a thin outline appears around the block of wood you are targeting. Hold down the left mouse button and do not stop pressing it until the wood is obtained. It takes about 6 seconds to break a log with your hand.

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2. Pick the Wood

Get closer to the dropped block, it will go into your inventory.

3. Craft the Planks

Press “E” KEY to get into inventory. Move the log to any of the 4 crafting slots. On the right side, take 4 units of planks with the left mouse button.

4. Make a Crafting Table

Now place the 4 planks in the 4 inventory slots and take the crafting table on the right side.

Why is Crafting Table Needed in Minecraft?

The crafting table allows you to create a wide variety of items, including a boat and an anvil, while only a few of them are available to craft in your inventory. Secondly, in the inventory, there are only four slots in which players can create items, and the table offers as many as nine slots for crafting.

Accordingly, when using the table, both the number of items produced and the number of things available to the player increases.

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How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft


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