How to make Crumpets in Toca Life World – Guide

How to make Crumpets in Toca Life World - Guide

Crumpets are probably one of the most exciting creatures in Toca Life World. Small, cute, and of different colors and shapes, crumpets draw the attention of every Toca Life player. And in this guide, we will talk about how to make crumpets in Toca Life World. 

Making Crumpets in Toca Life World

If you want to make crumpets in Toca Life World, you need to select specific Mascots (Rita, Nari, Leon, and Zeke) and then grab some specific items in your hands. Below, we have listed all the Mascots and specific items you need to hold in their hands to summon a crumpet. Just wander around the world, and you will easily find these items. 

  • Zeke – Disco Ball, Piece of Lettuce
  • Nari – A Slice of Pizza, Rose
  • Leon – Black Sunglasses, Golden Phone
  • Rita – A Slice of Pizza, Paint 

Once you collect these items, head to the storage area and place your character at the top. As a result, you will summon a Secret Crumpet. 

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Where to Find Crumpets in Toca Life World

Still, most crumpets can be found in specific locations across the map. They are hidden in the corner, and it is pretty challenging to spot them if you are not extremely careful. Below, we have listed all the areas where you can find crumpets in the Toca Life World.

  • Bob City (2 Crumpets)
  • OK Street (4 Crumpets)
  • Tiptop Tops Crumpets (2 Crumpets)
  • Lettuce Lands (2 Crumpets)
  • Omelette Islands (2 Crumpets)
  • Pom-Pom Peaks (4 Crumpets)
  • Biscuit Town (7 Crumpets)
  • Vox Valley (4 Crumpets)
  • Morning Meadows (2 Crumpets)
  • Creator’s District (1 Crumpet)

That’s it with crumpets in Toca Life World. As you can see, four unique crumpets can be made using Mascots. But the majority of crumpets are hiding in different locations across the world. Also, we have a guide on how to make slime in Toca Life World, make sure to check it out!

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How to make Crumpets in Toca Life World – Guide


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