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How to Make Slime in Toca Life World

How to Make Slime in Toca Life World

Slimes are conquering the natural world and video games. Millions of kids worldwide are playing with slimes and creating new slimes daily. And if you get bored of slimes in real life, you can try to make them in Toca Life World. Read this guide and learn how to make slime in Toca Life World.

How to Create Slime in Toca Life World

Nothing is challenging about making a unique slime in Toca Life World. First and foremost, you need to check if you have the latest version of the game. Head to the Google Play Market/App Store and ensure you have the newest game version. 

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Once done, open the game and head to your kitchen. You must put a pan in the pot and start mixing ingredients. First, get some sugar and put it inside the pan. Make sure to mix it well using a spoon. Otherwise, you will get a burned pan instead of the beautiful slime.

Once the sugar is cooked, take the pan from a pot and mix the sugar with glue. Mix it, and then add milk and any hair spray to make your slime colored. Put this mixture inside the oven, and you will get slime in a few minutes.

Take into account that it is a free way to make slime in Toca Life World. If you don’t mind spending money on the game, you must purchase a special DIY Slime Box to make slime using glue and slime solution. Alternatively, you can use cheats to get a DIY Slime Box for free.

That’s it with making Slime in Toca Life World. If you don’t want to spend real money, you need to spend some time in the kitchen cooking slime. But if you have some free cash, purchase a DIY Slime Box and make your slimes stick to the original recipe. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to unlock all places in Toca Life World.

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How to Make Slime in Toca Life World


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