How to Make Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock

charged creeper minecraft

The world of Minecraft is filled with a wide variety of monsters. Out of all hostile mobs, creeper is arguably the most infamous among Minecrafters. Creeper was added to the game by mistake but quickly became an iconic mob.

Creepers have been in Minecraft for over a decade. In this long time, creepers have received many changes and features, as well as a new variation called charged creeper. Charged creepers are much more powerful and dangerous than regular creepers.

Charged creepers rarely spawn naturally. Players can themselves turn normal creepers into charged creepers, and this guide will tell you how.

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Turning a Creeper into Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock

Any creeper can be turned into a charged creeper in Minecraft. To make a charged creeper, all you need is a thunderstorm and a trident enchanted with Channeling. When a creeper is struck by lightning, it becomes a charged creeper.

Minecraft players can throw a Channeling-enchanted trident at a creeper during thunderstorms to turn it into a charged creeper. Finding a natural spawned charged creeper is rare as it requires a lightning bolt to hit a creeper.

How is Charged Creeper Different from Normal Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock?

Charged creeper vs normal creeper

At first glimpse of a charged creeper, players can easily spot the unique blue lightning aura surrounding it. As apparent from its name, charged creeper packs a bigger and more destructive explosive strength compared to a normal creeper.

A charged creeper’s explosion is 50% stronger than a creeper’s explosion. If a charged creeper sneaks into a player’s base, it can easily leave the place in ruin. Because of this, players should always be wary of creepers during thunderstorms in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, in Bedrock Edition, charged creepers do not cause other mobs to drop their heads like they do in Java Edition. Charged creepers do not precisely have use in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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How to Make Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock


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