How to Create a Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Creating a Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a great way to get tons of gunpowders. Creepers are among the most promising sources of gunpowder in Minecraft. However, Creepers can be a total disaster for players as they silently approach players and explode. They even cause harm to the environment and players’ constructions.

While you can get rid of these Creepers manually, it can be a lengthy and time taking process. You can create a creeper farm to get several gunpowders.

This Minecraft article will be a step-by-step guide on creating a creeper farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to Create a Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

You will need the below-mentioned items to build a creeper farm in Minecraft:

  • Two hoppers
  • Two chest
  • Lots of trapdoors
  • Lots of building blocks
  • Two cats
  • Lava bucket
  • four signs
  • 12 carpet

Once you have all the items, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Create a 3×2 pit

The first step is to make a pit of three blocks long and two blocks wide. It can be built on any biome except mushroom biomes. Once the pit is done, make a 2x2x2 wall of solid blocks on both sides of the pit.

Step 2: Construct the structure for the farm

Next, position three blocks diagonally on both sides of the pillars and after positioning the last block, expand it to create a line of five blocks on each side. Then, join both sides using blocks and repeat the same step on the other side of the farm. Raise the height of blocks by one block.

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Step 3: Build a ceiling of trap doors

Your creeper farm will need a bunch of trapdoors and should be done to stop mobs such as zombies or skeletons from spawning. Creepers are scared of cats and you can utilize them to push creepers into their sweet death. Set a trap door on the wall’s center and do this for both sides. Then, set trap doors on the top edge of the blocks and build a roof.

Step 4: Add cats

Now it’s time to throw in some cats to terrorize the creepers away. You can pet cats using cod or salmon. After taming, take them to the farm’s roof and place them over the trap door. Do this for both sides, and make sure they are seated.

Step 5: Build the roof of the farm

As light can go through trap doors, you will need to cover the farm’s roof using solid blocks. Make sure no light enters the farm.

Step 6: Position carpets and trap doors on the pit

Set carpets on both the trap doors and ensure that each carpet is two blocks apart. Then, position three trap doors on both sides of the pit and switch them down. Creepers perceive trap doors as a complete block and will fall into the trap while escaping.

Step 7: Build collection system

You will need to build a water pathway guiding to hoppers attached to a double chest. Ensure that the path is long enough. Make a lava trap to kill the creepers at the rear end of the pathway. Creeper’s head will go into the lava and die. The gunpowder left by creepers will accumulate in the chest.

Step 8: Farming creepers

Once the collection system is done, the farm will be ready. This farm operates excellently when the player is 120 blocks above the chest. It is due to all the caves and other dark areas. Do remember that the farm won’t generate creepers if there are already mobs around. You can add additional stacks on top of this farm to raise the creepers’ spawn rate.

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How to Create a Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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