How to Get a Goat Horn in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Goat and goat horn

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update added one of the most awaited mobs, goats. These mischievous animals love to knock unaware mobs and players. Minecraft goats are inspired by real-life mountain goats.

You can find goats on almost every mountain biome. The newly added peak mountain biomes are the best spot for finding goats in Minecraft. You can get a unique exclusive item from goats called goat horns.

If you have trouble finding a goat horn, continue reading the article to learn more about this exotic mon loot in Minecraft.

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Goat Horn in Minecraft Bedrock

As its name suggests, goat horn is an item dropped by goats. However, you cannot get them simply by killing goats. As of now, goat horns are only available as an experimental feature in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

You can obtain goat horns only if the “Vanilla Experiments” toggle is enabled. If turned off, you will have to create a new world with the “Vanilla Experiments” toggle enabled. After generating a new world with experiment features, you can get goat horns from the creative menu.

You can also search for goats and wait for them to drop their horns. When a goat bangs its head against a solid block, it drops goat horns. One goat can drop up to two horns. It is still an experimental feature and may experience changes in the future.

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How to Get a Goat Horn in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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