With the Caves & Cliffs Part I update, a myriad of new content was added to Minecraft, including the new mobs, Goats. Similar to other neutral mobs, players can breed goats to get baby goats. 

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Knowing about the breeding process will help players get more goats without any extra effort. Once fully grown, players can use the goats to obtain milk, which they can then use to make consumable cakes that remove status effects. 

In this Minecraft guide, we will talk about how players can breed goats. 

How to Breed Goats

To breed goats in Minecraft, you need a pair of goats and two wheat. Once you have the required items, place the two goats close to each other. To do that, build a square fence. 

Now get close to a goat, and when they enter attack mode, maintain distance and let them follow you to the square fence. Do this two times to get a pair of goats inside the square fence. 

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Once that is done, put the wheat in your Hotbar and equip it. Then, go and tap on both goats. You have to feed wheat to both of them to enable love mode. After that, you can see hearts pop out of both goats. They will move closer to each other, and after some time, a baby goat will spawn. 

Where to Find Goats

In Minecraft, you can find goats in Mountain and Wooden Mountain biomes

Where to Find Wheat

You can obtain wheat in Minecraft by farming. Find a place with water, equip a hoe, and plow the area with water. Add wheat seeds and fertilize them with Bonemeal. When the wheat is fully grown, you can harvest them.

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How to Breed Goats in Minecraft


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