As you progress through Minecraft, the character will have to visit not only the ordinary world but also spend a lot of time on the territory of the Lower World. And it is distinguished not only by its gloomy, sometimes even frightening atmosphere, but also by the local creatures. On the other hand, despite all the danger of this world, there you can find not only angry and neutral mobs but also friendly/peaceful creatures. And the strider is one of them. In this guide, we will tell you how to breed them.

How to Breed Striders in Minecraft?

Striders prefer Warped Fungus as food. And the same resources are required for breeding striders. However, it should be understood those baby striders will not be able to grant experience or threads. And for breeding, it is enough to feed a couple of such creatures so that they subsequently begin to give birth. Other details that should also be taken into account in the breeding process are the following:

  • It will take 20 real minutes to grow one small strider, that is, the process takes 1 day in the game.
  • With the help of Warped Fungus, you can also accelerate the growth rate of small striders.

What Striders Give After Death?

You can get Threads from them. This resource will always drop in the amount of 0 to 5 units. However, their number can be influenced by enchanting Loot. Moreover, for each level of production, there will be 1 more resource unit. Thus, with “Loot” level 3, you can get up to 8 threads.

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How to Breed Striders in Minecraft


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