Breeding is one of the many gameplay mechanics in Minecraft that players can use for their benefit. By breeding foxes, players can get baby foxes which they can place in their base/settlement. 

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In this Minecraft guide, we will talk about how players can breed foxes. 

How to Breed Foxes 

To breed foxes in Minecraft, you need two foxes and two Sweet Berries. Once you have the required things, place the two foxes close to each other. You can build fences around them to make sure they don’t run away. 

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Now, put the Sweet Berries in your Hotbar and equip them. Once that is done, go and tap on both foxes. You have to feed both of them a Sweet Berry. After that, you can see hearts pop out of both foxes. They will move closer to each other, and after some time, a baby fox will spawn. 

Where to Find Foxes 

In Minecraft, there are two types of foxes that players can find and breed. The first one is Red Fox, and the second is Snowy Fox. 

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You can find Rex Foxes in the Taiga biome. Meanwhile, Snowy Foxes in the Snowy Taiga biome. 

Where to Find Sweet Berries 

You can find Sweet Berries in Taiga and Giant Spruce Taiga biome. They grow on bushes and are easily spotted, thanks to their red colour.

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