Like many other resources, the Minecraft Dripstone Block was originally introduced at Minecraft Live 2020. In addition, unlike many other blocks, dripstone blocks are part of a new cave-biome.

And it is quite difficult for some players to understand the nuances of the new 1.17 update. Therefore, if you want to understand what a dripstone block in Minecraft is and where to find it, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the guide below.

Where Can I Find Dripstone?

Dripstone blocks are part of the Dripstone caves. These caves are underground biomes, which are entirely made of dripstone, as well as drip blocks. And this biome was also first added in version 1.17 of the game.

And they can be purchased in the village from a bricklayer. For 1 emerald, you can get 4 such blocks.

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How to Destroy and How to Get Dripstone

The character only needs to have a wooden pickaxe or any other pickaxe. In addition, dripstone blocks can also be detonated using TNT. However, keep in mind that no other tools will be able to extract them.

How to Use?

The main purpose of the dripstone block is the subsequent placement of stalactites on them. After these resources are placed, they will begin to slowly grow. At the same time, a source with water must be placed on the top of the block.

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How to Get and Use a Dripstone Block in Minecraft


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