There are blocks and objects in Minecraft that are not limited to Survival mode. The developers also made sure that the creators of the maps received the most convenient tools for implementing their own plans. For example, one of these objects is the Light Block.

Of course, the light block has a lot of its own nuances. An ordinary user can figure out the nuances of simple game blocks, but when it comes to more complex ones, some players need a guide with detailed explanations.

How to Craft a Light Block in Minecraft

Light blocks are one of the few objects that cannot be mined, made, or even impossible to find in a chest. They can be compared to air blocks. However, this does not mean at all that the block of light cannot be obtained at all. You can get them, but for this, you need to use the command.

Minecraft Light Block Command

Since light blocks are absent in the Creative mode if you open the inventory, you need to use the command. Just before you decide to use the administrator mode, we strongly recommend that you make sure that cheats are allowed in the world. Otherwise, you will not be able to implement your plan. And next steps are the following:

  • First of all, open the administrator mode. This is done using the English “T” key.
  • Next, to write “/ give @s light_block 0”.
  • As a result, when you press the “Enter” key, the character will receive “Light block 0”, that is, it will have a zero lighting level.

And there are several extremely important nuances when writing a command. To begin with, you should understand that any command in Minecraft is written without quotes. Next, do not forget that there are 15 options for light blocks.

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How to Get a Light Block in Minecraft


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