How to find Goats in Minecraft [Caves & Cliffs Part II update]

What Do Goats Eat in Minecraft? Answered

Minecraft 1.18 was finally released on November 30th. The update is also called Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part 2, as the game has high mountains with varied slopes, deep unexplored caves, as well as new biomes and creatures in them. In this guide, we will tell you how to find goats.

How to Find Goats in Minecraft 1.18

Goats are a new type of animal added in the new update. They live high in the mountains and are quite peaceful. Of the 8 new biomes, you can find Goats in four of them.

The first biome is Lofty Peaks. The biome has many picturesque mountains of rock and snow. And of course, the Goats live there.

The second biome is Snowcapped Peaks. Although there are goats in it, it is very different from Lofty Peaks. There you will find flat peaks, ice, and snow.

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The next biome is Stony Peaks. There are many different stone peaks here. You will be able to find Calcite blocks there and end up with Goats.

And finally, Snowy Slopes. This biome can be described as dangerous snow-capped mountains, with steep slopes and dangerous areas of powder snow. But goats live there as well as rabbits.

Once you find a goat, you can tame it with wheat and bring it to your home. Using a bucket on a goat will give you milk. And if you kill a goat, you get mutton. Unfortunately, you will not be able to ride them, since goats have a willful character. Moreover, you can get horns from goats. To do this, you must force the goat to attack you and crash into the block, then it will drop one horn. Only two horns will logically fall out from one goat.

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How to find Goats in Minecraft [Caves & Cliffs Part II update]


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