How to make an Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Minecraft is all about bringing creativity to life through blocks in almost endless worlds. Players can make nearly anything in Minecraft with enough creativity and imagination, ranging from magnificent castles to intriguing elevator designs.

Many types of elevators are possible in Minecraft. Redstone experts choose to build piston elevators, whereas others go with simpler designs like minecart elevator or bubble elevator. Beginners are usually suggested to make bubble elevators as they are fast and cheap to build.

In this guide, we tell you how to create a working elevator in Bedrock Edition.

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Building an Elevator in Minecraft

For this tutorial, we will be creating a bubble elevator. It is one of the most effortless elevator designs possible in Minecraft. Players only need soul sand and water to build a working elevator. Soul sand blocks are exclusive to the Nether realm and can be found commonly in fortresses and soul sand valleys.

For those unaware, when a soul sand block is below water, it creates an upward bubble stream. Using this bubble column, players can quickly travel vertically, similar to an elevator. Follow these steps to set up your elevator in Minecraft:

1) Make a long tube for the water stream

Building elevator in Minecraft

The first step is obviously to decide where to build the elevator. After deciding on the location, create a one-block wide vertical channel, as shown in the above image. Players can use any block of their choice to build the tube. Make an entrance using a door, trap door, or fence gates.

2) Add water and soul sand

This elevator design relies on water to work as intended. Players will have to fill the tube with water. Once the water is in place, replace the block at the bottom of the water current with soul sand.

After placing soul sand, players will notice bubbles coming out of the block. If bubbles are missing, a water block is in a falling state. The best way to turn falling water into complete water blocks is by growing kelp in them.

Players can move vertically by entering the bubble column. Players can place a water block beside the elevator and jump in it to get down the elevator. Another option is to build a second water column but instead of soul sand, use a magma block to create a downward stream.

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How to make an Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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