How to Build a Windmill in Minecraft

How to Build a Windmill in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can build almost anything. Since you can do farming in this game, buildings on this topic are especially popular. In this guide, we will tell you how to build a mill in Minecraft.

Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Mill in Minecraft

8 Minecraft Windmill Designs and Ideas - EnderChest
A Minecraft Windmill (Image via Ender Chest)

To begin with, you should put the base of the mill. This is a “square circle.” Layout the floor with oak boards and leave an opening for the door.

Next, raise the walls with a block of stone bricks. Then put the stairs.

The next layer should be made with the stairs down.

Build the walls of the second floor from pine boards. 4 blocks of boards are placed on the sides, the upper and lower blocks are stairs. In the center – glass panels. Repeat this in all directions.

The third floor is made of wool. Put a board over the stairs, on the sides should be gray wool. Next, build an arch from white wool and also insert 2 panels. Repeat this in all directions.

Add another layer of boards and go to the front. Here make a notch from the stairs and place a block of logs above it.

Build wooden walls with windows on the other sides. It will be similar in structure to the second floor.


On the last blocks of the corners, put stone brick stairs. Put rows of stairs on the side walls. This will be the beginning of the roof. You should get 9 stairs.

Next, build the roof frame. The upper block is a log that connects the halves of the roof. Fill the roof itself with pine boards and steps.

Cover the connecting log of half-blocks of bricks and make visors at the ends.

From the inside, the roof is finished with plank stairs, and the very top should be made from blocks. The corners on the sides are connected by brick stairs.

Make small windows in front and behind and finish building the walls.

Inside, raise the brick support in the center to the level of the log for the mill screw. Here make fasteners for the rotation mechanism from cobblestones and hatches.

Now the screw itself. On the middle block, diagonally make 4 supports from boards of 6 blocks each.

Then attach fences to them and put blocks of wool. Put a hatch in the center, a fence on 4 sides, and stairs on the corners.

Fill the first floor with supplies, lay a carpet.

The second is residential. There is a bed, a chest, and some decor in the form of a table with a pot and shelves.

The third has supplies again. You can change it however you prefer. The fourth floor is empty, as there should be a mechanism for the rotation of the mill.


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How to Build a Windmill in Minecraft


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