Terraria is an engaging sandbox action-adventure game. Players can gather items, farm stuff, craft stuff, and also brew some mean potions.

In Terraria, you can brew and consume a wide range of potions. Several of the potions deliver some kind of buff and assist in battles. One of them is the Wrath Potion usually brewed in the Corruption biome.

Terraria: How to Get the Wrath Potion

You don’t readily get the Wrath potion. To brew the potion, you need to hunt or farm the ingredients.

To make the potion, you need Ebonkoi, Deathweed, and of course, bottled water. The Ebonkoi Fish can be found in any layer of the Corruption biome.

Ebonkoi Fish (Image via Terraria Wiki)

Deathweed grows on Crimson Grass and Blocks. It blooms during a Full Moon or Blood Moon. You can also plant it in pots using Deathweed seeds.

When you obtain these items, make your way to the Alchemy Table or Placed Bottle. Alchemy Table is the more efficient of the two but Placed Bottle is easier to come by. If the potion uses rare ingredients, try to find an Alchemy Table.

Some Tips on How to Use Wrath Potion

Wrath Potion (Image via Terraria Wiki)

Wrath Potion is a buff potion and does exactly what you are guessing – it kind of increases your wrath. Consequently, you will deal 10% extra damage to the opponents.

The effect of the potion lasts for 4 minutes. You can use the potion just before facing a boss to do some additional damage. The potion has a very rapid consumption time.

If you decide to sell the Wrath Potion, you will get two silver coins for it.

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