Boss battles in Terraria can be interesting. You don’t just fight with a weapon. You have to plan the battle, gather items, and strategize the whole thing. If you are someone who’s seeking a nice fight, then hardmode bosses are great options.

Out of those, Queen Slime is a tough nut to crack. Interestingly, King Slime is not that hard to beat. To hunt down the royal slimes, you need to get to the Hallow biome and find the Gelatin Crystal.

Terraria: Getting the Gelatin Crystal

Image via Terraria Wiki

There are two ways to get the Gelatin Crystal. The easiest one is to head over to the underground Hallow. Over there, the Gelatine crystal is very likely to spawn near the crystal shards. You can consume the bright pink crystal at any layer of the biome and summon the Queen Slime.

Another way is to go down to the underground Hallow and farm the Gelatin Crystals. You can form straight rows of Pink Ice Blocks or Pearlstone Blocks and get the crystal.

In some devices and versions, the Gelatin crystal can be obtained in the pre-hardmode world. To do so, you have to manually create the Hallow biome. This can be achieved by using Hallowed Seeds and Holy Water. Alternatively, you can use Blue Solution and Clentaminator.

How to Use the Gelatin Crystal and Summon the Queen Slime

Once you get the Gelatin Crystal, it’s time to call the hardmode boss – Queen Slime. To summon her, simply consume the Gelatin Crystal. Note that Queen Slime can be summoned in any layer of the Hallow biome during the day. However, the crystal is completely ineffective in other biomes.

How to Defeat the Queen Slime: Some Tips

Unlike King Slime, Queen Slime is much faster and summons some minions to help her out. Ambush all the minions to avoid damage and distraction. Daedalus Stormbow and Holy Arrows can get rid of the minions.

Queen Slime (Image via Terraria Wiki)

She can teleport near to the players, so you need to watch out for that move. For easier battle, summon and fight the Queen during daylight so you can see her attacks.

The Queen also fires a bunch of crystals slimes at once. If you are not watching, this can damage you. The heavenly slimes can fly right up to your face and bouncy slimes can jump on you. To dodge easily, stay up in the air during the first phase of the Queen. Invisibility Potions can lower the rate of heavenly slimes.

Other than this, the Queen Slime fire regal gel that comes bouncing towards you. The gel breaks after bouncing two times. Palladium armor with its healing buff can restore some health.

Queen Slime at 50% health (Image via Terraria Wiki)

When Queen Slime has 50% health left, she becomes a giant ball of slime with wings. She hovers above your head and shoots regal gel or tries to stomp the player. During this phase, try to stay on the ground.

Compared to the later hardmode bosses, Queen Slime is not that hard to beat. The Queen drops valuable items like Queen Slime Trophy, Queen Slime Mask, Greater Healing Potion, Blade Staff, and more.

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