How to Learn More Music in New World

New World Summer Event

During the New World Summer Medleyfaire event, players get access to five musical instruments that they can use to play some specific set of songs. And, believe us! Playing the same song again and again for XP and other bonuses will feel like a chore rather than a fun activity. And that is why many of the players want to know how to learn more music in New World. 

To help players out! We have prepared a handy guide that explains how you can learn new music to play using the musical instruments in New World. 

How to Learn More Music in New World

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To learn more music in New World for any of the five musical instruments, you must collect that particular instrument’s specific Sheet Music. Depending on the song, you may need one or more Sheet Music to unlock the said song. 

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Once you unlock a song using Sheet Music, you can play it using the respective instrument. Just keep in mind! There is instrument-specific Sheet Music. You cannot use any instrument Sheet Music to unlock a song for a different musical instrument. 

How to Get Sheet Music in New World

In New World, you can get Sheet Music through enemy drops, chests found in the open world, via the Trading Post, and by completing the Summer Medleyfaire event quests. 

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Getting Sheet Music from drops and chests takes a lot of time as it depends on RNG. So, we recommend players check Trading Posts in any town. Many players sell the Sheet Music for some gold. That aside, you will get Sheet Music by completing the Medleyfaire event quest. 

New World is a widely popular MMO from Amazon Games available on the PC platform via Steam.

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How to Learn More Music in New World


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