Atomic Heart is a challenging FPS game that throws you in front of deadly robots, way more threatening than any of Fromsoftware’s creations. Taking two or three hits from regular enemies can kill you, while some special enemies can easily one-shot you.

In the wake of that, to increase your chances of survival, you must know how to heal yourself and craft Health Capsules, aka Neuromed Capsules, in Atomic Heart. Here is all you need to know.

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How to heal yourself and craft Health Capsules in Atomic Heart

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In Atomic Heartyou can craft Health Capsules, aka Neuromed Capsules, via the Nora vending machine. To do so, you must use Synthetic Materials and Biomaterials, which you obtain from defeated Robots, myriad humanoid creatures, and different containers.  

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Firstly, progress the game until you unlock Nora, a rather unsettling robot vending machine. The glove will introduce you to her in a sequence during the main quest, “Not So Fast, Major.” Once you have Nora unlocked, interact with the vending machine and choose the first option, Arsenal Upgrade

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Navigate to the consumable tab, and you will find the different-sized Neuromed Capsules:

  • Small Neuromed Capsules – Heals 50 HP 
  • Medium Neuromed Capsules – Heals 100 HP 
  • Large Neuromed Capsules – Heals 150 HP 

Once you have enough Synthetic Materials and Biomaterials resources, you can click the + icon to select the quantity of Health Capsules you want to craft. Then, you can hold the right-click button to initiate the crafting process. 

At the beginning of Atomic Heart, you get the schematics for crafting Small Neuromed Capsules. To craft one, you need two Synthetic Materials and four Biomaterials. The higher variants require more resources to craft in exchange for healing a higher HP. 

About how to heal yourself in Atomic Heart, if you’re playing on PC, you can press the X button to use a Neuromed Capsule that will heal you. Meanwhile, you can press the Z or C button to cycle between other consumables. 

On PlayStation and Xbox, you can press the down D-Pad to heal your character. And if you want to use a different consumable, you can hold the Square or X button on your controller to open a radial menu. 

Afterward, you can navigate to the desired consumables and press the RT or R2 button to use them. 

That concludes our guide on how to use and craft Health Capsules in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For more news, guides, and features, check out our section dedicated to the game.

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How To Heal Yourself and Craft Health Capsules In Atomic Heart


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