Home Game Guides Is Atomic Heart Better with Russian Voiceover? Answered

Is Atomic Heart Better with Russian Voiceover? Answered

Is Atomic Heart Better with Russian Voiceover? Answered
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One of the most widely discussed questions about the newest Atomic Heart is what voiceover you need to choose while playing the game. Some players consider it would be best to select the voiceover of your native language, while others think that the Russian voiceover is best for Atomic Heart. Read this guide, and you will find out if Atomic Heart is better with Russian voiceover.

What Voiceover To Choose for Atomic Heart?

For every gamer who wants to find the direct answer to the leading question in this guide, the answer is “Yes”. You need to choose a Russian Voiceover if you wish to enjoy Atomic Heart more. 

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One of the main reasons why you should choose Russian Voiceover is the poor quality of English voiceover. It is not connected to the work of voice actors but to scriptwriters. Even the main character Major Sergey Nechaev is written terribly. 

Using English voiceover creates total misunderstanding in the game script. It does not allow you to feel the 1950s Soviet Union vibe, which is the main feature of Atomic Heart. Even though some parts of the game’s plot sound good, most are written poorly.

The only way for English Voiceover to become usable is mods. On Nexus Mods, there is already a particular category with all mods suitable for the game. 

There is a chance that mod developers will add adapted voiceover so that we all will enjoy Atomic Heart in English. But it sounds more like a dream than like the nearest future.

That’s it with voiceovers in Atomic Heart. If you want to enjoy the game and its storyline, Russian voiceover is your choice. Also, we have an article on why is Atomic Heart protagonist so annoying, make sure to check it out!

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Is Atomic Heart Better with Russian Voiceover? Answered


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