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Is Atomic Heart like Fallout? Answered

Is Atomic Heart like Fallout? Answered
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Atomic Heart is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. Even though the game was released in the same period as Hogwarts Legacy, it drew the attention of the entire gaming community. In this guide, you will discover if Atomic Heart is like Fallout.

Atomic Heart and Fallout: Similarities

One of the main reasons why gamers consider Atomic Heart similar to Fallout is that both games share the same post-apocalyptic elements. They are action RPGs with open worlds. Playing Fallout and Atomic Heart, you will explore the beautiful world, killing all the dangerous creatures approaching you. 

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At the same time, Atomic Heart and Fallout significantly differ from each other. You can find out one of the main reasons why below.

Atomic Heart and Fallout: Differences

The most significant difference between Atomic Heart and Fallout is that games are made in different styles. The main theme in Atomic Heart is the alternative reality of the Soviet Union in the 1950s, while Fallout games were about politics, morality, and super mutants. Atomic Heart tried to unite all these themes in one video game, making it more universal than Fallout.

Another significant difference is that Atomic Heart is a horror with sci-fi themes. The game has various bizarre creatures that will try to kill you. Even though many action RPGs also include monsters, Atomic Heart makes it in its unique style.


Although Atomic Heart might remind some players of Fallout, you must understand that both are unique games. To determine which game is better, finish both Atomic Heart and Fallout.

Talking about Atomic Heart, it would be best to avoid playing this game yet. Wait a few months until all bugs and glitches in Atomic Heart are fixed.

That’s it with Atomic Heart and Fallout. Nowadays, we still cannot come up with the final decision if these games are similar. They have some common points, but every game feels unique. We also have an article on why is Atomic Heart protagonist so annoying, make sure to check it out!

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Is Atomic Heart like Fallout? Answered


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