Monster Hunter Rise

Combat is the biggest part of the Monster Hunter Rise experience, and you will be spending quite a lot of time fighting monsters to harvest their parts to create even more powerful weapons and reliable gear to take on even more powerful monsters. No matter how good your equipment is, however, you will receive damage, forcing you to heal when HP gets dangerously low.

So, how do you actually heal in Monster Hunter Rise? Let’s find out.

How To Heal

Wounds in Monster Hunter Rise are healed in two different ways: with any item, or by taking advantage of Endemic Life. The latter is not particularly reliable, as you need to find a Green Spiritbird or Vigorwasps in the vicinity to heal, and in the heat of battle, it can be difficult to reach any particular point, especially if monsters are blocking your way.

The most effective way of healing in Monster Hunter Rise is by using items. Unlike other action games, however, healing requires a good understanding of some of the basic mechanics in the game. For starters, you will need to sheate your weapon by pressing Y, as you can use items only when you are not holding your weapon. Once your hands are free, hold L to access the equipped items, and then press Y and A to scroll your items. Once you have found the item you want to use, release the L button and then press the Y button. Monster Hunter Rise features a variety of healing items, and the stronger the item, the more HP you will heal.

How To Recover Stamina

Stamina is just as important as Health in Monster Hunter Rise, since a full Stamina bar lets you perform a variety of actions multiple times that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The Stamina Bar, located right below the Health Bar, will not always be at 100% capacity all the time, as capacity will decrease as you venture out in the field. The only way to restore it to full is by eating food that you have brought with you.

In case you haven’t brought any, you can procure food like meat on the field by hunting creatures like the Bombadgy. Raw meat, however, is not good, so you will have to cook it with the BBQ Spit. Just select it by holding L with your weapon sheated, place it on the ground, put your meat on the spit and wait for it to cook. Generally, you should wait for your hunter to turn the handle around three-quarters of a full round to get a well-done steak. If you leave the meat on the fire for too long, it will burn, forcing you to start again with more meat.

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