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How to Grow Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Grow Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Your adventures continue underwater in Hello Kitty Island Adventure where you get to unlock yet more cool hangouts, repair Visitor Cabins, and spend tickets on games. The place is a bit run down so it is up to you to clear up trash from around the seabed and grow some fresh new coral! But how exactly does that work, and where can you get Coral Spores to grow this coral? Let’s explore how to grow coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

How to Get and Use Coral Spores in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

If you have discovered the Recycling Plant already you will know this is the place to be to get your hands on some Coral Spores. If you haven’t reach this part yet then first remember you need to be able to swim and dive to get to this part of the underwater area. The Mermaid outfit also comes in handy right now as it allows you to dive and swim for longer.

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Next you should level up your friendship with Keroppi to unlock the Reef Revival quest. Keroppi will explain how to Recycling Plant works, and after that you will be able to use it as much as you like. Each time you recycle any rubbish found around the underwater areas (look for trash bags, tin cans and apple cores), save it up until you have eight pieces then take it to the Recycling Plant. Tap the plants recycle icon and select all of your trash (up to eight items) then recycle! The Recycling Plant will give random rewards which will include Coral Keys and Coral Spores among other things. The more you give the plant to recycle, the better your reward will be.

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Once you have been awarded with Coral Spores, swim around a bit until you see bare patches of seabed and a Coral Spore packet icon will pop up. Tap the icon and choose which Coral type you would like to plant. Each type of coral attracts different sea creatures so make sure you eventually plant all varieties. You can choose to plant Delicate, Bumpy, or Peculiar Corals.

If you decide you want to change the coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure you can do that, but it will cost you another Coral Spore packet so make sure you have one before removing the old coral.

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How to Grow Coral in Hello Kitty Island Adventure