How to Get Wither Rose in Minecraft Bedrock

Wither Rose

Minecraft features a variety of flora and fauna differing from biome to biome. You can get 17 types of unique flowers in the sandbox world, but only 16 of them can generate naturally. Wither roses do not spawn naturally in Minecraft.

Unlike other flowers, wither rose has the unique ability to inflict wither effect to any mob or player who touches it, except for wither skeletons. Due to this, wither roses are often used in mob farms to kill mobs. Wither roses can also be crafted into black dyes.

In this Minecraft guide, we talk about wither roses and how you can get these eerie flowers.

Wither Roses in Minecraft

In order to get wither roses, you will have to summon the formidable boss, the Wither. Other than players, the Wither boss also attacks mobs in Minecraft. Any mob killed by the Wither will drop a wither rose. It is the only way to get wither rose in Minecraft.

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Since all mobs drop wither rose when killed by Wither, Minecraft players can use weak mobs to get lots of wither roses easily. For example, you can spawn lots of baby chickens using eggs. Then, summon a Wither next to them, which will kill them instantly.

You can also build an automatic wither rose farm in the End realm. This farm uses a trapped Wither to shoot wither skulls at endermen and kill them. Thanks to the high spawn rate of enderman in the End, this farm produces stacks of wither roses in no time.

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How to Get Wither Rose in Minecraft Bedrock


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