How to Summon the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock

Wither Minecraft

In Minecraft, almost all mobs generate naturally in the world. However, some creatures can also be spawned by the player. Snow golem, iron golem, and the Wither are three mobs that players can summon in survival.

Unlike golems, the Wither is a boss-type mob similar to the Ender Dragon. Many Minecrafters believe that the Wither is stronger than the endgame boss Ender Dragon. But it is an optional boss fight since players can avoid fighting it.

However, once players have better gear, they should fight the Wither to get the nether star. In this Minecraft guide, we talk about summoning the mighty Wither boss.

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Summon the Wither in Minecraft

Summoning the Wither boss is not a simple task. To spawn one Wither, players will need three wither skeleton skulls and four soul sand. Getting soul sand is pretty ask, but the real challenge is obtaining three wither skeleton skulls.

Wither skeleton
Get wither skeleton skulls

Wither skeleton skull is one of the rarest items in Minecraft. Players have a bare 8.5% chance to get a skull by killing a wither skeleton using a Looting III sword. Moreover, wither skeletons spawn only in nether fortresses, which makes things more difficult.

After getting three wither skeleton skulls and four soul sand, players can summon the Wither. Make a T-shape using sound sand blocks and place three wither skeleton skulls on top in an open area. Doing so will spawn the Wither, and hopefully, the player is prepared to fight it.

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How to Summon the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock


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