Terraria has loads of fascinating items and a pair of wings is surely one of them. You can get a wide variety of wings in the game simply by crafting them or buying them from NPCs.

Wings can only be obtained in the hardmode. To get your hands on a pair of wings before hardmode, you will have to go out of your way (which is not recommended). Here’s a brief guide on how to craft wings, use them, as well as the best wings to get.

Terraria: Crafting and Using Wings

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Just like potions and weapons, you need to gather some stuff to craft wings. The process is simple – you collect stuff, head over to an anvil, and get your wings.

For instance, to craft the Demon Wings, you will need 10 feathers, 20 souls of flight, and 25 souls of night. Then, find a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil to put together your ingredients.

Demon Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

Alternatively, you can buy the Leaf Wings and Jetpack from NPCs. Fin Wings are sometimes rewarded by the Angler.

The Easiest Wings to Get in Terraria

If you do not want to wait and start flying right away, then you can buy wings from NPCs. However, the NPCs have only specific wings like – Leaf Wings and Jetpack.

Jetpack (Image via Terraria Fandom)

To get the Jetpack, you will have to beat one Hardmode Mechanical boss. Then, during a waxing moon, you will have to buy the Jetpack from the Steampunker. The Jetpack will cost you 40 Gold.

Leaf Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

The Leaf Wings can be bought from the Witch Doctor. However, the Witch Doctor needs to be in the Jungle biome. The Leaf Wings will cost you 1 Platinum.

Fin Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

After finishing the tenth quest from Angler, there is a 1% chance that a pair of Fin Wings will be rewarded.

Angel Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

The Angel Wings and Demon Wings are the easiest wings to craft. For Angel Wings, you need 10 feathers, 20 souls of flight, and 25 souls of light. You can craft the wings at Orichalcum Anvil or Mythril Anvil.

The Best Wings in Terraria

If you want a particular set of wings, you should be willing to take some effort. The best wings often use some rare ingredients. Obviously, the ‘better’ wings offer some extra flight time and other features.

Fishron Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

The Fishron Wings are likely to be dropped by Duke Fishron. However, obtaining these wings is not that easy. The Hardmode boss is optional, but difficult to beat. The Fishron Wings are fast, they fly high, and also work underwater.

Stardust Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

After defeating the Moon Lord, you will be able to craft Stardust Wings. To craft these, you will need 10 Luminite Bars along with 14 fragments of Stardust. The wings can fly really high and have a longer flight time.

Solar Wings (Image via Terraria Fandom)

Solar Wings are another noteworthy pair. Very often, Stardust Wings are often compared to Solar Wings due to their similar attributes. To craft this pair, you need 10 Luminite Bars and 14 fragments of Solar. By combining Solar and Stardust Wings, you can have the longest flight time.

Vortex Booster Wings and Nebula Mantel Wings are also some of the best wings in Terraria.

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