How to Get Wild Honey in Slime Rancher


There are many different types of resources that you can collect in Slime Rancher without sweat, but the Wild Honey in particular, is one of the resources that is a bit tricky to collect in the game.

Wild Honey is a byproduct of bees, and they’re an important ingredient in crafting various recipes in the game such as creating new structures like spring pads, med stations and teleports.

Apart from that it can also be used to craft decorations for your ranch. This includes everything from a stylish lamps to even more natural structures such as towering Sunburst Trees and mossy tree stumps.


So in this article we’ll be guiding you on how to get Wild Honey in Slime Rancher by showing you some specific steps and where to look for the distinct bees that produce it.

How to Get Wild Honey in Slime Rancher

Before you get Wild Honey, you’ll want have built the necessary structures needed to gather them. These are called Apiaries in the game and they can be constructed after you buy either the novice or advanced-level blueprints from the Builder’s Shop.

The Novice Apiary blueprint costs 500 in-game currency and will allow you to craft an apiary with a lower development cost and a lower resource yeild. The Advanced Apiary blueprint on the other hand, costs 1,500 in-game currency and brings in more resources in total.


You can buy any one of the Apiaries that you can afford and craft your structure at the Fabricate Gadget. The Novice Apiary will cost 10 Pink Plorts, 6 Phospor Plorts and 6 Honey Plorts to create, while the Advanced Apiary will cost twice as much of every material to make.

Getting your Wild Honey

After you’ve successfully crafted your apiary, you’ll need to go to the area where Wild Honey is most exclusive, which is the Moss Blanket, a lush and green area taking up the upper left quadrant of the world map. It’s one of the first and foremost areas you can enter during Slime Rancher, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get there as long as you’ve played the game for sometime and know your way around.

Once you’ve reached the Moss Blanket, head into the forested area and click the T key to open your gadget menu. You’ll then see highlighted areas where you can place structures and gather materials over time.

Look for a suitable highlighted spot and click on it, then choose the apiary you constructed earlier to place it on the highlighted location. Afterwards you’ll have to wait a couple minutes before it finishes collecting Wild Honey, then you can collect them yourself.

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How to Get Wild Honey in Slime Rancher


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