How to Get Unbanned in MIR4

How to Get Unbanned in MIR4

MIR4 is a new mobile MMORPG that provides players with some interesting opportunities. One of the most fascinating things is the ability to exchange in-game resources for the cryptocurrency called Draco. So, the game gives you an opportunity to earn real money while you playing it. Lots of players are running multiple accounts to maximize their possible income, but some of them got banned despite the fact the developers allow players to have twinks. This guide will explain to you how to get unbanned in MIR4.

How to Get Unbanned in MIR4

Some players in the MIR4 community complain that they got banned for no reason. In case you are one of these users, you should submit a support ticket to the developers. However, there can be a reason for your ban. In this case, you won’t be able to get unbanned even if you commit a violation.

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If you are sure that you did nothing wrong, then you can submit a support ticket to the game’s official support. It may help you if the administrators decide that you are not guilty. However, it may take some time as there are many different inquiries that are getting submitted every day. Sometimes it requires a few days to process your inquiry. After that, you may get your account unbanned.

How to Submit a Support Ticket in MIR4

When you want to get your account unbanned or make an inquiry about a different issue, you will need to use the official MIR4 support website. There you have to log in with your account and open the Contact Us tab. Then you will be able to submit a support ticket. Hopefully, it will help you to get your account unbanned.

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How to Get Unbanned in MIR4


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