How to Get to Duskwood in WoW – Guide

How to Get to Duskwood in WoW - Guide

Traveling through Azeroth is one of the most exciting parts of WoW gameplay. It is a perfect option to make the game more casual and relax playing WoW. By reading this guide, you will discover how to get to Duskwood in WoW. 

What is Duskwood?

Before finding out how you can get to Duskwood, it would be best to discover more about this area. Duskwood is located in the Southern part of the Eastern Kingdom. It was cursed with Scythe of Elune and became one of the scariest places in WoW. Also, Duskwood features the giant volcano named Twilight Grove. Even though the volcano is not active nowadays, it is still considered a portal to Emerald Dream.

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How to Travel to Duskwood

There is no reason to travel to Duskwood until you have not reached level 20. Everything in this location is level 20-25. And if you do not fit these conditions, getting to Duskwood will be a waste of time. And below, there are 2 ways how you can get to Duskwood in Wow.


First, you should get to Grom’Gol in Stranglethorn Vale. Once you are here, get on the main road and keep going on the north side. You will pass the bridge and chasm until you reach the Duskwood. 


Getting through Alliance is way more straightforward than through Horde. First, you need to get to Three Corners of Redridge Mountains. Like the previous method, follow the main road and move south across the bridge. Be sure that following this way, you will get into Duskwood in a few minutes.

That’s it with getting to Duskwood in WoW. Also, take into account that Duskwood can boast a Darkshire travel hub. So, you can get to Stormwind City, Sentinel Hill, Lakeshore, Nethergarde Keep, and Booty Bay from there. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to unlock Kul Tiran Humans In WoW.

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How to Get to Duskwood in WoW – Guide


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