Herbalism is one of the professions in WoW: Dragonflight that you can progress to enhance your Alchemy as you can efficiently forage items required to craft certain potions and other stuff. And to quickly level up Herbalism, you need Herbalism Trainers. Keep reading our guide as we share details on how to find all Dragonflight Hebalism Trainers. 

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How To Find All WoW Dragonflight Herbalism Trainers

There are four new Herbalism Trainers whom you will find in the different parts of the Dragon Isle, the new map that got added with the WoW: Dragonflight expansion. 

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Here are details on where you will find these new Herbalism Trainers on Dragon Isle:

  • Feilin Kuan – You will find Feilin Kuan in The Waking Shores, the southern part of the Dragon Isle. 
  • Szarostrasza – You will find him in the northeastern parts of The Waking Shore. 
  • Namuuntsetseg – You will find Namuuntsetseg in the easter part of Dragon Isle, in Ohn’ahran Plains.
  • Agrikus – In the capital city, Valdrakken.

To level up your Herbalism profession fast, you must forage any herb you find while exploring the Dragon Isle. It doesn’t matter what you pick; just gathering these herbs will give you experience points to level up Herbalism. 

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You can also devise a herb-gathering route as per your ease or use the ones that some “more professional” players use. As leveling Herbalism will significantly help with the Alchemy profession. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to find all Dragonflight Hebalism Trainers. 

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WoW: Dragonflight is currently available on PC and macOS platforms. 

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How To Find All Dragonflight Herbalism Trainers – Location Guide


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