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The Titan Glove is one of the many hardmode accessories in Terraria that increases the knockback of various weapons. Additionally, it increases the size of all weapons by 10% and enables the auto swing on all melee weapons and whips. Moreover, Titan Glove is also used to craft power gloves upon pairing with feral gloves.

This article shows the process of obtaining Titan Glove in the game.

How to get Titan Glove in Terraria

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Titan Glove Terraria

Terraria players can get the Titan Glove as a drop from the Mimics, a hardmode enemy that can be spawned by the player using the Chest Statue. It’s also worth noting that the Titan Glove has a 14.29% drop chance, meaning it’s not guaranteed that players will get it every time from the Mimics.

Here are the statistics of the Titan Glove:

  • Type: Accessory and Crafting material
  • Effect: Increases melee knockback and the size of melee weapons
  • Rarity: Light Red
  • Selling price: 2 Gold Coins
  • Research: 1 required

Tip: Combining the Titan Glove with a Legendary or Heavy Slap Hand yields the highest overall knockback of any weapon in Terraria.

Other than that, players also want to grab Titan Glove in order to craft Power Glove at Tinkerer’s workshop.

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