Terraria has tons of crafting items and interesting mechanisms. This is what keeps the game going as you get to explore something new every day.

An actuator is a crafting item in Terraria that helps you create some interesting mechanisms. You need to combine it with other items like wires to use it. You can hide a place, make secret passages, and doors.

Getting an Actuator in Terraria

Actuator in Terraria

Actuators can be purchased through in-game stores for ten silver coins. Or, you can choose to cultivate the actuator from sand, lava, and traps. If you have extra actuators, you can sell them for two silver coins.

Actuators are functional when used with wire cutters, presserators, and actuation rods. It resembles the switches in your home. Once set up, you can turn it on and off.

How to Use an Actuator in Terraria: Some Tips

Image via Terraria

Actuators have quite a few uses in the game. The item is used to craft other items like Actuation Rod. To make the rod, you need 50 pieces of actuator, 10 pieces of wire, and 10 pieces of any type of iron bars. To assemble the rod, head over to a lead or iron anvil.

Usually, the actuator is used as a mechanism that toggles a tile active or inactive. Picture it as a switch that can turn that tile visible or invisible. When active, your entrance becomes invisible and enemies and NPCs pass right through it. It’s like a secret entrance known only to you.

To set up an actuator, you need a wire. You place the actuator on a block, connect it to the wire, run the wire across the desired length of blocks, and then set up a switch. Actuation Rod lets you control the switch wirelessly within a range.

You can also use the actuators on platforms and teleports.

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