The Waterleaf is a herb-type crafting material in Terraria that players can use for aesthetic purposes or for making a wide variety of potions. Around twelve potions in Terraria require the Waterleaf as one of the crafting materials. It is a must have item and with this article, we will talk about how exactly you can find or grow Waterleaf in Terraria.

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How to Get a Waterleaf

In Terraria, the Waterleaf is a herb that you can find out in the wild. They usually grow on Sand and Pearlsand blocks which you can find abundant in the Desert biome. In terms of appearance, the Waterleaf is small in size and it is bluish in colour.

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Once you find a sand block with Waterleaf, equip any weapon or tool and cut down the plant. Alternatively, you can obtain the Waterleaf seed from the Herb Bag or a fully grown Waterleaf plant. You can plant it in a Clay Pot or Planter Box and then use it based on your requirements.

Where to Find Herb Bags

You can find Herb Bags in Surface Chests found in the Surface layer of Terraria. Some of the biomes that come under the surface layer are mentioned below.

  • Forests Biome
  • Deserts Biome
  • Corruption Biome
  • Crimson Biome
  • Jungle Biome
  • Snow Biome
  • Hallow Biome
  • Ocean Biome

How to Get Waterleaf Plant Seeds

To get seeds from the Waterleaf plant, it needs to be fully grown. The Waterleaf plant blooms when it is snowing or raining. And, in some versions of the game, the Waterleaf plant blooms when it is partially or fully submerged in water.

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