How to Get the Jellyfish for Free in Star Trek Fleet Command

the jellyfish from star trek fleet command

At first, synonymizing the name Jellyfish with Star Trek would make someone think it’s some kind of rare alien specimen. However, it’s not that and is in fact very far from being so. The Jellyfish is a ship, but not just any ship. It is in fact, the very ship that Spock once used to prevent the destruction of Romulus as well as one of the best ships in the game. Now it can be yours in Star Trek Fleet Command. This is how to get the Jellyfish for free in Star Trek Fleet Command.

What The Jellyfish Does

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Now, you really could take a shortcut and purchase the parts, but why do that when you can get them completely free? With a lot of grinding and a little patience, you can get the Jellyfish parts without spending a single cent of real-life currency.

The Jellyfish inside the shipyard in Star Trek Fleet Command.

To be able to build the Jellyfish, you’ll a shipyard that is at least level 12. This high-tech ship was meant to be used for scientific research, so don’t expect anything too offensive or defensive out of it. It will, however, increase the effectiveness of its Captain Maneuver by 15 percent.

How To Get The Jellyfish Parts

Like with most ships, you need blueprints to build the Jellyfish. Fortunately, you can get most of them for free. You get 25 blueprints for completing the Jellyfish missions. You need 75 in total to complete the Jellyfish, so you have to get 50 more from other missions. These can be collected by playing through the game and completing tasks.

You can also sometimes get them by participating in special events. The event shops also sometimes have parts that you can buy with the in-game currency. Do be aware that not all events will have the parts. Therefore, it might take a while to grind out the completion for the Jellyfish, but it is certainly worth it.

Now that you know how to find the parts, you can complete the Jellyfish and save your money!

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How to Get the Jellyfish for Free in Star Trek Fleet Command


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