Best Ships in Star Trek: Fleet Command

Star Trek: Fleet Command is an interesting mobile MMORTS game developed by Digit Games, and published by Scopely and CBS Interactive for Android and IOS. The game allows you to take command over a fleet and fight with other players. There are lots of different ships with different roles and you should learn about the best of them. Those who use the better ships will get an advantage over other players. This guide will tell you about the best ships in Star Trek: Fleet Command.

Ships in Star Trek: Fleet Command

Before we will start to talk about the best ships in Star Trek: Fleet Command we need to tell you about the ships’ balance and types in this game. There are a few types of ship that are called Battleship, Interceptor, Explorer, and Survey ship. We will divide our list into a few categories to mention the best ships of each of the types that are able to fight.

Best Ships in Star Trek: Fleet Command

Here is the list of the best ships in Star Trek: Fleet Command:

Best Explorers

Turas is a great Explorer ship and it is very easy to get due to the fact that it belongs to the common vessels category. Its mobility is really high and it deals additional damage to the enemy ships.

Jellyfish (Medusa) is a problematic ship to get as it is a rare vessel. However, it is one of the top-tier Explorers and it has high mobility. So, this ship should be good against the enemy Interceptors.

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Best Battleships

Augur is a very strong ship and it is an epic vessel. Its weapon is really powerful and deals increased damage to burning ships.

Talla is another good Battleship. This vessel is common and easy to get. It has good armor and deals increased damage to Explorers.

Best Interceptors

D3 Class is a good ship against the Romulan faction due to the fact that its weapons deal increased damage to this faction’s ships.

Gladius is a rare Interceptor that deals a huge amount of damage to enemy ships. Also, it is very mobile and comfortable to use.

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