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How to Get the Blue Crown in New World

How to Get the Blue Crown in New World

Acquiring legendary equipment is one of every New World player’s greatest goals. Even though it can be a really hard challenge, Legendary Items are still achievable. Read this guide to find out how to get the Blue Crown in New World.

What is Blue Crown in New World?

Blue Crown is a legendary Heavy Headwear from Tier V. It reduces max cooldowns by 2.8% and decreases getting damage from ranged physical attacks by 3.8%. Blue Crown has 4.7 Weight and 750 Durability. At the moment of writing, Blue Crown is one of the best pieces of equipment. 

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How to Obtain Blue Crown in New World

The only legal way to obtain the Blue Crown is to craft it. The downside of this is that you need to meet a number of requirements in order to craft the Blue Crown. Below is a list of the requirements you should fulfill to be able to craft Blue Crown.

  • Armoring Skill Lvl 1
  • Outfitting Station Tier 2
  • Level 60

Once you meet the required conditions, you must collect 3,500 Ennead Materia to craft this item. Blue Crown recipe will only be displayed in the crafting station when you have Ennead Materia in your inventory or the settlement’s storage. 

Crafting Blue Crown also requires a crafting tax of 7.48 Coins. Once you craft it, you will get 3,500 XP for Armoring Skill and 500 Base Gear Score.  

That’s it with crafting Blue Crown in New World. It is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can craft in the game. However, take into account that it becomes Legendary only at 600 Gear Score. Therefore, the item itself is not enough to make it powerful. Good luck! And if you want to read more guides about this game, make sure to check our article on where to find Farmer Sneed in New World.

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How to Get the Blue Crown in New World


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