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Where To Find Farmer Sneed – New World Guide

Where To Find Farmer Sneed – New World Guide

New World is an exciting online multiplayer role-playing game set in the mid-seventeenth century in which players populate a region resembling America. This map is massive and offers several locations where players may locate the treasures and good drop. These locations include enemies and unique bosses to fight. Defeat them to gain coins, XP, and unique loot, weapons, and equipment. And in this guide, we want to talk about where to find Farmer Sneed in New World. 

Farmer Sneed in New World

Farmer Sneed is a level 21 boss in New World. This boss is weak against Strike Damage (10%), Ice Damage (15%), Nature Damage(30%), and Strong against Thrust Damage (15%), and Void Damage (40%). Also, Farmer Sneed has the following stats:

  • 506 Armor Rating – Physical.
  • 506 Armor Rating – Elemental.
  • 35% Damage Mitigation – Physical.
  • 35% Damage Mitigation – Elemental.
  • 582 Damage.
  • Health: 2852.
  • Kill XP: 60.

Where To Find Farmer Sneed – New World

Some bosses in New World can spawn only in special places, and Farmer Sneed 

is no exception. To find Farmer Sneed you must to go Monarch’s Bluffs, Moonshade, Preiddeu Farms.  

  • 14 level boss has coordinates: x:7589 y:2957 z: 80.
  • 21 level boss has coordinates: x:7613 y:2974 z: 81.

These are the rewards for defeating Farmer Sneed: Coins, XP, and unique items Dropped: Flaming Branch, Growing Season, Iron Hook, Iron Battle Medal, Sliver of Baetylus, Chunk of Batrachite, and Vial of Ectoplasm. 

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The drop depends on the level and location.  The area where to boss is spawned is surrounded by corn that can be harvested, which you can use to get seeds and food.

That’s all that you need to find Farmer Sneed in New World. Thank you for reading the guide. Follow our advice, and you will find this boss! Good luck! 

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Where To Find Farmer Sneed – New World Guide


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