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New World: Arcana Leveling Guide – Tips & Tricks

New World: Arcana Leveling Guide – Tips & Tricks

Leveling up Arcana in New World includes gathering tonnes of resources and crafting various potions and items. There are 200 arcana levels in the game. Therefore, you should spend a lot of time to get the maximum level. Read this guide, and you will find out how to level up Arcana in New World.

How to Level Up Arcana in New World

First, you should understand that leveling up your arcana is different depending on the level. Therefore, this guide will be divided into 4 parts. Every chapter will include unique leveling up for 50 levels. So, no time to lose. Let’s get started!

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How to Level Up Arcana Level 1-50

You should craft 460 common potions to achieve Arcana level 50 in New World. And the most beneficial options among common potions are Common Mana Potion and Common Health Potion. Common Health Potion requires Platecape Flesh and Glowing Mushroom Cap, while to prepare Common Mana Potion, you have to use Bumbleblossom and Tanglewisp.

How to Level Up Arcana Level 50-100

You need to know that these 50 levels are way more complicated than the first 50. You should craft 959 Strong Health/Mana potions to reach level 100, and that requires a lot of extra materials. The best ingredients for crafting Strong Health Potions are Halibut Viscera, Lifebloom Leaf, Earth Wisp, Earth Mote, and Petalcap. And for preparing Strong Mana Potion Best Ingredients are Snail Slime, Frogfish Tail, Soulsprout Leaf, Air Wisp, Air Mote, and Air Essence.

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How to Level Up Arcana Level 100-150

As evident, you should prepare potions to get 150 level in New World. This time it is 1,349 Powerful Health/Mana potions. Be sure crafting them will take an extremely high amount of time. Powerful Health Potion requires Tier 4 Lifebloom Flower and some Earth and Spirit Reagents that you can choose. Powerful Mana Potion requires Tier 4 Soulsprout Flower and Air and Spirit Reagents.

How to Level Up Arcana Level 150-200

The fact is that these 50 levels are way more complex than the previous 150. You should craft 2,225 Infused Health/Potions to achieve level 200. To craft Infused Health Potions, you should use one of the Tier 5 ingredients, such as Azoth Water, Lifemoth Eyes or Poison Sac, and Earth and Spirit Reagents. And to prepare Infused Mana Potions, you need to use Soulwyrm Tongue and Dragon Fish Jaw. Also, you are supposed to use lower-tiers air and spirit reagents.

In conclusion, you should spend hundreds of hours in New World to improve your Arcana to the maximum level. Also, feel free to use a unique resource map that will allow you to collect resources faster and level up more quickly. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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New World: Arcana Leveling Guide – Tips & Tricks


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