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New World: How To Get Heartgem Rune

New World: How To Get Heartgem Rune

Everything that you need to know about Heartgem Runes in New World is right here. What exactly is a Heartgem Rune? How to acquire them and more!

What are the Heartgem Runes in New World

The substantial Brimstone Stands expansion for New World includes a brand-new item called Heartgem Runes. The new things perform a similar function as accessory items, but they offer far more than simply increased damage or a few attributes. In essence, players who discover or create Heartgem Runes will get ultimate fighting skills. Heartgem Runes are available in a number of variations, including Minor, Major, and Legendary Heartgem Runes.

Minor Heartgem Runes only have the most basic version of their unique powers. The user can subsequently upgrade their Heartgem Rune to a more powerful form when they have acquired one. By doing this, the basic form of the skill will be enhanced to its more sophisticated equivalent. Heartgem Runes that are improved will have unique stats, like doing burning damage and having a better gear score rating.

Where to get Minor Heartgem Runes in New World

In the New World, you must first collect the basic Heartrunes in order to build them. Focusing on expeditions is the ideal strategy if you wish to get Minor Heartrunesminor, the first variety of Heartrunes. Simply said, completing various expeditions will earn you basic versions of Heartrunes. The Heargem Runes you receive from adventures can be used as-is or upgraded using a variety of resources afterwards. The New World expeditions that grant Heartrunes as prizes are listed below.

Minor Heartgem RuneExpedition
of Stone FormLazarus Instrumentality (Chardis)
of Dark AscentTempest’s Heart (Isabella)
of Grasping VinesGenesis (Alluvium Mari)
of Cannon BlastBarnacles and Black Powder (Admiral Blackpowder)
of DetonateEnnead (Heru)

Another way of acquiring minor Heartgem runes is by crafting. The materials needed for each rune are listed below:

Minor Heartgem RuneMateria
of Stone Form8,000 Lazarus
of Dark Ascent8,000 Tempest
of Grasping Vines8,000 Genesis
of Cannon Blast8,000 Barnacles
of Detonate8,000 Ennead

Using these runes as the base, you can craft higher versions of them as mentioned above.

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New World: How To Get Heartgem Rune


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