How to Get Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Swift Sneak enchantment

Minecraft The Wild Update is set to bring a plethora of new features and changes. The 1.19 update will finally be adding a unique enchantment. There have been no new enchantments since Nether Update was released in 2020.

Swift Sneak is the new enchantment coming in Minecraft 1.19 update. As players might guess from its name, Swift Sneak enchantment will allow players to move faster even while sneaking. Let us find out how you can get this enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Guide to Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Swift Sneak is an exclusive treasure enchantment found only in ancient cities. It cannot be obtained by trading with librarians or an enchanting table. Players can get Swift Sneak enchantment by looting chests in ancient cities. Each chest in an ancient city has a 23.2% chance of containing a Swift Sneak enchantment book.

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What does Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft?

Swift Sneak enchantment increases the movement speed while sneaking. Swift Sneak enchantment is only applicable to leggings in Minecraft. It has a maximum level of three, and each level increases movement speed by 15% when in crouching mode.

Normally, when sneaking, the movement speed is reduced to 30% of the walking speed. With Swift Sneak III, players can move at 75% of the walking speed.

Why do you Need Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft?

Warden in The Wild Update

In Minecraft, players used to sneak to lower their height and avoid falling from the edge of a block. But in The Wild Update, sneaking has become an invaluable mechanic because of the Warden. This monstrosity of deep dark caves can locate its enemies from their footsteps. Players will have to sneak around the Warden to escape it successfully.

However, the problem with sneaking is that it reduces the movement speed. If players fail to get away from the Warden quickly, it will soon find them with its powerful sense of smell. Swift Sneak enchantment is designed to help players get away from the Warden.

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How to Get Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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