How to Get Sporulate Sacs in Warframe

How to Get Sporulate Sacs in Warframe

Cambion Drift in Warframe is one of three open-world locations. This one is a part of Deimos, and there are plenty of different resources needed for trading and improving your relationships with local syndicates. This guide will tell you about the ways of obtaining Sporulate Sacs on Cambion Drift.

How to Get Sporulate Sac

Sporulate Sac is a part of Infested fish that serves as a repository of Infested spores. Sacs are used in crafting the following items: Adra Mutagen, Leptosam Mutagen, Nodulite Nose, Sporelacer Chamber, and Trumna Barrel.

There are few ways to obtain Sporulate Sacs in Warframe. It can be bought from the Daughter in exchange for Platinum. Sometimes Sporulate Sacs appear in her Daily Special offers. The next way to obtain it is random drops from Requiem Obelisks and different Infested Cysts (Ralizor and Spitya). However, the main and the simplest way to obtain Sporulate Sacs in Warframe is filleting the Glutinox.

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Glutinox is one of the rare carnivore fishes that live in Cambion Drift’s exocrine lakes. These infested mutants start to appear during the Vome period. You can detect it by a large snake-like infested creature with its face glowing like a blue sun. Her name is Vome and she represents the night-time on Cambion Drift.

To catch Glutinox, you will need a fishing spear and bait. We recommend you to use spears that you can buy from the Daughter, as they fit for fishing on Deimos. Local fish swims in a fluid called exocrine that is impenetrable for non-local spears. As bait, you should use Fass Residue. You can get it from parts of the body that belonged to Fass. This is Vome’s twin brother that is glowing with orange color and represents the daytime. These giant snakes shoot each other with energy and destroying theirs’ bodies with it only to regenerate later and continue this cycle.

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When Vome destroyed Fass it is considered as night-time and you need to find orange cysts before little brother got regenerated and destroyed his sister (before daytime came). These cysts will drop Fass Residue that serves as bait for different fishes including Glutinoxes.

Grab all the fishing equipment and bait. Then follow to the exocrine lakes and catch Glutinox. When you will get a few of them bring the fish to the Daughter and let her fillet it. This is the main way to get Sporulate Sacs in Warframe. Good luck with fishing.

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How to Get Sporulate Sacs in Warframe


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