The Vitrica is a signature heavy blade weapon of the Glassmaker, Nihil, a boss whom players can fight during the Nightwave: Series 3. It is one of the best heavy blades that players can get in Warframe. It has the highest base damage when compared to every other heavy blade present in the game. It also offers a high critical chance and a high-status chance.

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Vitrica is a flashy and useful heavy blade that many players want to acquire. In the wake of that, we have prepared a handy guide on how to get Vitrica in Warframe.

How to Get the Vitrica

Players can get the Vitrica heavy blade once they have defeated the boss called Nihil in Nightwave: Series 3, Episode 5. Once players have the weapon blueprint, they can craft it using the following materials.

  • Orokin Cell X 15
  • Oxium X 925
  • Tempered Bapholite X 60
  • Purified Heciphron X 10
  • Credits X 20,000

How to Trigger the Nihil Boss Fight in Warframe

To trigger the Nihil boss fight in Warframe, players need two items, namely Nihil’s Oubliette Key and Nihil’s Oubliette decoration. Players can buy both items from the Nightwave Offerings for 60 Nightwave each. Once you have acquired both items, install Nihil’s Oubliette decoration in your Orbiter.

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Interact with the Nihil’s Oubliette decoration whilst having the Nihil’s Oubliette key in your inventory. Doing so will trigger Nihil, the Glassmaker boss fight.

Warframe is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/X, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch platforms.

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