How to Get Shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


For the first time since the original games launched on Nintendo DS, players return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

And upon their return, there area couple of new favourite Pokémons they would want to pick up without wasting time. Like the Spiritbomb for instance and other generation 4 Pokémons, they require patience before you can get them.


So in this guide we’ll be showing you how you can get the Shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

It can be quite challenging before you can catch the Spiritbomb, even after the second gym. So we suggest waiting until you’ve completed Elite 4. So below is where you will need to go to capture a Spiritbomb.

Head to Route 208


If you arrive Route 208 close to the bottom of the sea, you’ll find a trainer that’s nearly hidden by the trees. They won’t try to fight you or anything, they’ll simply hand over the Odd Keystone to you, and you’ll definitely need it to catch a Spiritbomb.


Once you’ve collected the Odd Keystone, head to the Hallowed Tower that’s just along from Route 208 to 209 where you’ll find the Tower and place the Odd Keystone in.

The Grand Underground


Now for the challenging and somewhat annoying part, you’ll have to to speak with 32 characters in The Grand Underground. And they’ll have to be trainers so that the hikers you sell to don’t count.

There are speculations that these trainers must have 32 different names, but it’s not been confirmed since the trainer spawn locations are random.


The more you speak to the trainers, you’ll get a different message upon your return to the Hallowed Tower, this allows you to track your progress. Below are some of the different messages you’ll get:

0-7 “It appears to have been built many years ago.”

8-14 “Its stones appear to have shifted…”

15-21 “…Is that crying coming from inside the towers?”

22-28 “Is the shower shaking ever so slightly?”

29-31 “There is some sort of presence… It appears ready to emerge!”

After you’ve spoken with all 32 trainers, you can now fight the Spiritbomb and then you can get it. If for some reason you want to encounter the Spiritbomb again, you’ll have to follow the above process all over again.

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How to Get Shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


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