DogLife is a life-simulation game from developers’ Candywriter where players live the life of a dog. Similar to BitLife, Candywriter’s previous game, players will find themselves in different situations and scenarios that will shape their future. 

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When you start your life as a dog in DogLife, you have three scenarios in which you may end up. These are Streets, Animal Shelter, or Adopted. In every scenario, the most important thing you have to do is to gain respect. 

In this DogLife guide, we will talk about how exactly you can gain respect in every scenario. 

How to Get Respect in Doglife?

Here is how you can get Respect in DogLife in different scenarios. 


Considering your life as a Dog starts on the street, you can gain Respect by challenging the animals on your turf. You can do it via the Dominance Hierarchy menu. 

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There you will get the list of animals in your area. Click on the animal whom you can challenge and win. Select the actions such as Bark, Snarl, etc. Once you win the challenge, you will gain respect. If you lose the challenge, you may also lose Respect. 

Animal Shelter 

The animal shelter is a harsh place, but still, you can gain respect by challenging different animals using the Dominance Hierarchy menu. What else you can do is bark, snarl, and lunge at the guards at the animal shelter to gain some extra respect. 


When you are adopted, you can use the Act Up feature to gain respect. However, if you overuse the Act Up option, your owner will get fed up with you and send you to the pound. 

In case your owner has more than one pet, you can use the same old Dominance Hierarchy menu to challenge them. If you win, you gain respect. 

DogLife is a life-simulation game currently available on the Android and iOS platforms.

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How to Get Respect in DogLife?


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