Relics are nuanced versions of Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 that players can stack up with existing Monkey Knowledge to get attribute bonuses like +1 damage to Regrow Bloons, +50 Life Mana Shield, and other things. Relics got added to BTD6 with update 32 released on August 4, 2022. And now, seeing they play a key role in the new event, players want to know how to get Relics in BTD6 Contested Territories.

Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide that explains exactly how you can get Relics in BTD6 Contested Territories. 

How to Get Relics in BTD6 Contested Territories

You can get Relics in BTD6 Contested Territories by capturing the Relic Tiles. 

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In the BTD6 Contested Territories event, we have three types of Tiles, namely Normal Tile, Banner Tile, and Relic Tile, that make a 169 Tiles Hexagonal system, where the corner tiles denote team starting position. Each Tile has a corresponding level that players can clear to capture that particular Tile. 

The Relic Tiles also grant your team powerful Relic Knowledge that you can make use of while capturing other tiles for CT Points to stay on top of the leaderboards or farm Team Trophies to get items from the event store.

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Each team in the BTD6 Contested Territories event can vote for up to eight Relic, where four are selected, adding different buffs to the team. If you want to unlock Relics fast in BTD6 Contested Territories, we recommend you and your team follow a path that leads to Relic Tiles. Clear them! And you will unlock new Relics. 

BTD6 is currently available on Android, iOS, PC, and macOS platforms.

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How to Get Relics in BTD6 Contested Territories


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