Team Trophies is a currency in BTD6 that players can use in the Team Store featured in the Contested Territories event for Team Flairs, Air Slot, Main Building Slot, Banners, Frames, and a myriad of other things. To get all items offered in the Team Store, you need a ton of Team Trophies. And this is where our guide on how to get more Team Trophies in BTD6 Contested Territories comes in handy. 

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So, without any further ado, let us check out the tips on how you can earn more Team Trophies in BTD6. 

How to Get More Team Trophies in BTD6 Contested Territories

You can get Team Trophies in BTD6 by capturing tiles in the Contested Territories event. But to get more Team Trophies, you must focus on capturing Relic Tiles, or at least Banner Tile. Plus! You can get even more Team Trophies by capturing hostile tiles and avoiding the Neutral ones.

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In Contested Territories, there are 169 total hexagon-shaped tiles, each having a different Tier map with either boss battle, Time Attack, Least Cash, or Least Tiers. Each team starts from the corner tile of the Hexagon. Then they complete the respective Tile map to proceed further in the Contested Territories. 

The path that a team takes depends on them. Players can take on a Tile only if the adjacent Tiles are captured. And this is where you have to act smart. Either attack a Tile captured by other teams to get those 10 extra Team Trophies. Or, focus on the Relic Tile for 35 Team Trophies at the first capture and 25 Team Trophies for the second capture.  

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And that is it. By focusing more on Relic Tiles, Banner Tiles, and Hostile Tiles, players can earn more Team Trophies than they normally do by capturing Tiles at random. 

BTD6 is currently available on Android, iOS, PC, and macOS platforms.

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How to Get More Team Trophies in BTD6 Contested Territories


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